Protork Motor Oil & Lubricants


80W Gear Oils

These are the mineral base gear oils that include no excessive pressure additive and that can be applied to all gearboxes. They are used in all types of automative and industrial spur and helical gear differentials, heavy-duty type trucks and pickups working in construction, mining and agriculture, and in buses and construction equipment. 

These gear oils are resistant against rust and have low amount of ash. They have a low viscosity index and do not damage the metals in the gearboxes. It gives the gear system a long useful life by preventing the wear to a great extent. 


Performance SAE 80, API GL-1

K. Viscosity, 40°C ASTM D 445 193
K. Viscosity, 100°C ASTM D 445 17.7
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 90
Flash Point ASTM D 92 246

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