Protork Motor Oil & Lubricants


Atf Dexron

This has been formulated for automatic transmissions with well-refined base oils and high-quality additives. 

In addition to automatic transmission systems of the vehicles, it can be used in certain hydraulic systems and gearboxes running under a normal load. 

It delivers high protection for steel components and steel gears against wear, corrosion and rust. 


Properties Values Method
Color St. Rouge Image
Viscosity 40 °C 41 ASTM D445
Viscosity 100 °C 6,8 ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 120 ASTM D2270
Density 0,874 ASTM D5294
Flash Point  170 ASTM D1298
Pour Poin -30 ASTM D92
Copper Strip Corrosion, 3s 100 °C 1a ASTM D130

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