Protork Motor Oil & Lubricants


Protork Antifreeze

This is a mono-ethylene glycol-based antifreeze developed to protect the water cooling systems of motor vehicles in extremely cold weather. In addition, it protects the cooling system against corrosion and rust, keeps the system clean by preventing the sludges and increases the efficiency with its additives. 

The environmentally friendly antifreeze developed with inorganic technology does not contain nitrate, amine or phosphate, and contains a little silicate. It delivers effective protection for material such as aluminum alloys, copper, brass, solder, iron and steel in the cooling systems of modern vehicles. It reduces the freezing point of the cooling water and increase the boiling temperature. 


Color St. Blue Image
Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C 1.12 1,12 ASTM D1298
Antifreeze Rate % Volume  Boiling Point °C Freezing Point °C
20 -9 103
30 -16 105
40 -25 106
50 -36 108

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